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Nurses Know How to Deal

I've come to notice a popular trend among nurses,

We just learn to deal

Whatever comes your way, you,

just deal with it

Keep on trucking along

Keep on pushing


that helps in certain, high critical situations

But to operate at this level everyday....

I see a problem nurses!!

You get so used to "just dealing" at work that

It starts to affect you

Your motivation

Your patient care

Your energy levels

The time or effort you give to yourself or your family??

Do you see the correlation?

If you continue to operate at a low level of just surviving of just dealing

How will you thrive?

How will you grow?

I have seen and been apart of this culture of nursing

And I can say that it is an awful feeling!

Can you relate?

Lets change this standard, no more just surviving

How are you making time for your growth!??

Lets talk about actions we can take as a community and as nurses to limit the amount of “Just surviving or just Dealing” mentality

~Make taking breaks part of the norm while at work

Take breaks to pee,

Take breaks to drink water not coffee or bang, hydrate your soul!

Take breaks to refuel your energy, mentally and physically

What's for lunch sis?

DO you have your healthy carbs, protein and grains today?

What kind of snacks did you bring?

Take breaks to walk outside or look out a window

Text a friend or loved one

~Have morning and night routines

How do you prepare for your long shifts

Do you hydrate

Comb your hair

Listen to positive music or podcast

Do you stretch?

Match your socks?

~How do you unwind after work?

Do you fuel up?

Plan for the next day

Walk your dog

Or stare at your screens?!!

Don't do it, prioritize your rest & recovery

Disconnect 30 mins to an hour before bed

~Have a safe community!

Find those who are like minded with similar goals for health and self growth as you

Plan activities for the weekend

Read books or listen to music or podcasts together

Discuss documentaries or world news

Have friends that have different views from you as well!

Have real conversations

Challenge each other!

~Find faith or beliefs

Who do you believe in?

Do you believe in something bigger than yourself?

Do you believe in the bigger picture?

I practice these on a regular basis and have found my own life more balanced as a nurse and overall as human being.

If these sound foreign, hey that's ok! Getting out of your comfort zone can feel uncomfortable

Breaking the cycle of just dealing with the chaos of Nurse Life and making peace within

may feel out of place or it may feel like a breath of fresh air !

You decide!

But these daily changes can help you change the habit of just dealing with life

or just surviving to true meaningful growth!

We deserve to have our own health and wellness needs supported and it starts within ourselves! How are you taking care of you sis!??

Due to our demanding work we need to ask ourselves this question on a daily?

And if you need help implementing healthier habits into your daily routines

Im here to help!

If you found value in what was shared today but still feel you need more help implementing Wellness and whole living into your Health goals as a Nurse,

Lets chat!

I have this amazing free session💫

The Empowered Nurse Free Wellness Session available for Nurses

who are ready to break free from

unhealthy behaviors,

limiting beliefs

and form healthier habits

In their nutrition, physical activity levels and self care routines !✅

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