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My Story

Fallon A. Lopez is a Registered Nurse, 

Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer. 


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she is the first Nurse in her Latina family.


Fallon combines her nursing expertise with her love for health and wellness to create R You Well? LLC.


After experiencing burnout herself, Fallon went through her own personal journey of healing. This is when she realized the true impact nurse have when they come from a place of health and healing first!

And now she helps other Nurses do the same!

It is her passion to help Busy Nurses create healthy habits with her Holistic Healing programs focusing on Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset. 


When Fallon is not creating wellness content or coaching clients, you can find her exploring the nearby park with her Siberian Husky Sky.

Fallon has obtained certifications as a

Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach, Diabetes Prevention Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

She is a lifelong learner and continues to invest in her growth with participation in groups such as SONSIEL- Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders,  AACN-American Association of Critical Care Nurses, PVNAC- Prairie View Nurses Alumni Chapter.


Her dream is to influence health and healing as more than just another fad diet but a lifestyle Nurses can actually LIVE OUT in their demanding lives!

Fallon´s Before & After


 I was burnt out, lonely, ashamed and self sabotaging! Food seemed to make the pain go away, temporarily! It wasn't until I committed to doing the inner work was I then able to make real change in my self care habits!

This is Real Self Care!

Creating NEW self care foundations has helped me become a more confident, bold and loving LEADER! And now I help other Nurses take back their health& healing, ditch the diets and live empowered instead!


The Process

Fallon received her first Nursing License as a Licensed Vocational Nurse from Houston Community college in 2012.  She later went back to school for her BSN, RN at Prairie View A&M University in 2015.

Critical Care was her speciality and allowed her to quickly adapt as a Float nurse during the pandemic. 

After the lost of a family member to Diabetes and the seeing constant influx of patients into the hospital who would benefit from Nutrition and Fitness counseling, Fallon was challenged to DO MORE! Help MORE! Investing in her Education was step One.

Right before the pandemic Fallon was nourishing her business idea R You Well. 

Enrolling in additional certifications to become a Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness Coach. Learning these additional skills helps her empower Nurses who are at the front lines to make realistic and lasting changes in their health and prevent burnout!

As Dedicated Nurses we deserve the same effort towards our Health & Healing that we give to our patients and communities!


With this new perspective Fallon began to gravitate to self care topics like Fitness, Nutrition, Gut Health, Mental Health and Growing her FAITH in GOD. 

This combination gave her immense perspective about the Christ Centered Holistic healing approach she wants to help her Nurse to clients achieve.

Now Fallon has expanded to online and in person coaching, Wellness mentorship programs, speaking and leading Fitness Classes. All while combining her nursing expertise and passion for lifestyle medicine. 

She believes Nurses are the Backbone of healthcare and when we are at our most healthiest and happiest we can truly give our best in the passion and purpose God has placed within us! 

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