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Ready to Build your Goal Winning Morning Routine!

Tired of your dash and go routine every morning?

Ready to take back your routine and become the empowered and confident Nurse that makes her impact in healthcare?

It's all about the preparation,

not only physically but how are you preparing your mind for success each new day.

It really matters and makes a world of difference in how you show up.

Here are some ideas to help you form your Goal Winning Morning Routine!

Tip #1 Get enough rest the night before -Back to work tomorrow and prepping your meals and work clothes, great! but don't forget to catch enough ZZZZ's before your next shift -Avoid any stimulants- overeating, alcohol, sugar, caffeine or lights from electronics -We need at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, some may need less, know your body and honor your bedtime ritual Tip #2 Wake up earlier! -You may have to experiment with how much time you need to prepare for a long shift, I usually wake up an hour before its time to depart -Be intentional, fight the urge to snooze -Train your thoughts for each excuse you come up with to stay in bed, this takes time but with practice you can defeat those negative thoughts Tip #3 Make your first thought a positive one -You maybe thinking, "How do you do that?" " You can't control your thoughts" -You may not be able to "Control" your thoughts but you can train and reframe them -Start with repetition, practice saying a thought out loud 3 times

(“ I am making an impact”, “Today is another chance to be better, stronger, wiser or happier”, ”I am so grateful for my Health”,

“I encourage growth from others around me”) Tip #4 Get some movement in! -A great way to wake up your body is to stretch and practice breathe work -A great way to wake up your mind is to focus on how you move your body -10 mins is ample time to stretch and do a quick cardio burst -Does not have to be a full workout the main goal is to wake your body up and check in with your thoughts and feelings about the day ahead Tip #5 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! -Before your usual caffeine source drink at least 1- 1/2 glasses of H2O -Hydrating your vital organs like brain and heart that keep you moving and focused Bonus Tip # -Listen to something positive and uplifting -Repeating mantras, bible verses or positive affirmations help you get your mind right -Focus on the good and really believe what you repeat to yourself or listen to -Podcasts, audiobooks or your favorite jams can set your mood for the day so choose wisely


However you choose to start your day, start by being INTENTIONAL!

Think on how and what will work for your schedule and the amount of time you have to wake up!

These are just a few ideas to help you get started on the right foot,

Keep this in mind...

those that prepare for success will have the success they prepare for.

So how will you step into becoming the Nurse Wellness Leader you are meant to be?

It's all in the preparation, routines and habits you choose everyday....

And don't forget to have fun with it,

experiment and find what works for you,

love the process because its your process!

If you are ready to be apart of something better...

Start making the necessary changes within

and I’m here to support you through your Wellness Journey!

Schedule you FREE Empowered Nurse Wellness Consult with me !


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