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What is all this Wellness Hype about?!

If you have heard this word one too many times this year

let me help you out with a straight to point definition.....

Wellness is the act of living a healthy lifestyle while Health means the absence of an illness...

Does that help clear up the confusion!

The point is they work together!

So you maybe asking what does this mean for you?

Health can be maintained through Wellness by actively living in the growth mindset daily!

Maintaining your health through daily choices and habits in your mind, body and soul is how Lasting Wellness can be achieved. I have been so guilty of leaning on quick fixes, crash diets and non sustainable habits to loose weight to feel better about myself. These choices and habits did not last and I was not able to keep this lifestyle up. Until I made the decision to find a balance in my habits to see the lasting results I wanted. What does that balance of mind, body and soul look like to you?

Ask yourself the following questions to start your Wellness Journey....

✨How do you care for your MIND?

What are your daily thoughts, the way you talk to yourself,

the demands you place on yourself, the expectations you have for yourself?

-Practice positive self talk and mantras daily to get thru good times and bad!

✨How do you care for your BODY?

Do you care for your body and this may not necessarily mean what you think...

I'm not talking about weight or pounds.

Do you treat your body with love, respect and appreciation?

Do you listen when your body is tired or needs nourishment?

-This can be the eating patterns you choose, forming restful sleep patterns, or getting active

✨How do you care for your SOUL?

What make you happy? What drives you to be the best you possible?

Finding things and activities that help fill your cup, make you happy and will nourish your soul!

-Start small and appreciate all the small things that will lead to the bigger goal!

What are ways that you are nourishing your soul?

Yes, Healthy is goals but in order to maintain and sustain this health, there must be an active and daily occurrence of Wellness practices!

Aim for Healthy habits that nourish your mind, body and soul while pursuing this dynamic and evolving goal of Wellness!

Need help?

Having trouble forming your dynamic goal of Wellness?

Chat with me! Lets talk more about how to jumpstart your Wellness and become the Nurse Wellness Leader you are meant to be!

To reserve your spot,

💪🏽The Empowered Nurse Wellness session✨ is FREE just for you!


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