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Your Self Care
is your

I help Novice Nurses adapt to busy nurse life by developing self care strategies that replenish energy, motivation and build confidence!

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Our Why

Just because you are new doesn't mean you deserve less.

Just because you are young, single and able does not mean you should sacrifice your well being to be the best Nurse! 

You don't have to prove yourself as a New Nurse!

Because you show up, you are worthy.

Now it's time to show up for you, everyday and in every way! 

Using my foundations of self care, we redefine the idea of what self care means to each women. Self care is more than just the bubble baths and big glasses of wine.


Self care is really, how do you care for yourself everyday? 

What does your body, mind and soul need to thrive? 


So you can give your very best and not the burnt out, running on fumes, people pleasing version of you!

Learn more about my Self care Foundations Model

Food, Fitness, Faith!

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Fallon´s Before & After


 I was burnt out, lonely, ashamed and self sabotaging!

Food seemed to make the pain go away, but only temporarily!

It wasn't until I committed to

do the inner work, that I was I able to make real change

in my self care habits!

This is Real Self Care!

Discovering NEW self care foundations as a Nurse Wellness Coach has helped me become a more confident, bold and

loving LEADER!

And now I help other Nurses

take back their health & healing, ditch the diets and live empowered instead!


The Mission


R You Well makes it easy for

Novice nurses to practice health and healing in their own lives first by providing Holistic self care strategies

so they can show up empowered and whole in their passion for helping others!

Ditch the burnout lifestyle and show up powerful instead!

Read more about my Self Care Foundations below

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Self Care Foundations!



If we want to be the most effective, energized and focused we must fuel ourselves the right way! Gut Health and Healing is Key to this Empowerment. My programs cover Plant based living along with latest research findings about the gut-brain axis. I also share meal ideas, recipes and strategies to help you break through from emotional eating, cravings and yo-yo dieting. Creating a healthier relationship with food is pertinent to maintaining your new healthy lifestyle !


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Getting active is not about punishing your body for poor choices you made. With my mindful movement programs we reframe fitness as a way to be generous with your body. Developing Positive self image, Energy and Focus from your workouts. I have curated workouts that are fun and effective from home workouts to in the gym!



Mental Wellness creates the mindset to get you motivated!

In order to put into action those healthy habits cultivating the Wellness mindset is key to your success.

Here are some reframes we cover -Self Awareness, Growth Mindset, Healthy Boundaries, Self Compassion and so much more! It is mind over matter that will motivate you forward in your goals so building FAITH will help you build the mental resilience you need to succeed! Drawing from your BIGGER PICTURE view to motivate you in all your health goals and create a NEW Wellness Lifestyle!

Wellness is how we WIN! 

R you ready to step into your Nurse Wellness Leadership!

Fitness & Wellness Programs

Based on my Self Care Foundations FOOD, FITNESS, FAITH 
My coaching programs create the nurturing environment you need to SUCEED!
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Beginners Guide to Plant based living

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Making Healthier Choices in your nutrition does not require slaving in the kitchen!

Check out my Whole Foods Cook Book!
Perfect for on-the-go, busy Nurses to create mindful and delicious choices.

Only $20 to snag your digital copy today!


"We completed our (3 month) sessions together and I am still taking in the work we did together. The impact of our work together has been amazing. My life flow of ease, grace, patience and love is my biggest take away from our work together."


- Brandy B.

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Fallon Lopez - Nurse Wellness 
Youtube Channel

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